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Pearly Oysters is an independent, family run online shop based in England, UK with a passion for providing affordable and lustrous open at home oyster pearls, as well as offering matching jewellery and accessories so that you can show off these little treasures in all their glory.

We’re so passionate about our products that we spend so much time to research and communicate with oyster farms to source the most high-quality oysters with the most lustrous pearls. Our products are then lovingly packaged in gift-worthy boxes to create a fabulous arrangement, whether it be as a treat for yourself or to pass straight on to a friend or family member.

We believe that pearls should not be solely available for those with large bank accounts, but for anyone who wants one (or a set). We work hard to bring our oyster pearls to you at an affordable, competitive and realistic price and we’re sure you’ll absolutely love them!

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